The Gratitude Box

 By: Uju Morah

"Dont think you dont, because there's always something to be grateful for."

Make gratitude a vitamin for your soul. You know what vitamin does, it gives you an extra boost.

It's easy to get  so caught up with all the 'what haves' and 'what nots' in  life that you forget to express gratitude to those little things in  your life.

We humans are wired to focus more on the bad side of things happening within us, and less on the good parts.

No matter what's going on around you; there's always something to be grateful for.

Remember someone out there has it much worse than you do, and that's something to be grateful for.

There are times when you feel like you have nothing to be thankful for, but have you stopped to give it a little thought? the fact that you have food to eat, a roof on your head, and clothing is enough to appreciate.

Be grateful for what you have right now, don't let time make you see you had something good 'but never was thankful for.

I'm always grateful in the fact that i have 'life', and everything that goes with life. 
I've had sad days in my life, days i get all messed up just because things don't go as planed, but i always remember-  "that's life".

 Life doesn't always give you what you want but will give you just what you need to make it through. 

One thing i know is that the more i'm grateful to life, and accept everything just as is; - i have even much more to be grateful for.

The key to this is to look at all the wonderful things happening around you, count your blessing, and name them one after the other.

'It's like faith'.

'Gratitude consists of being more aware of what you have' than what you don't have. 

-->The little things-->

I believe that the less you have in life- the more peace you get.

I know everyone want to acquire all the is to have;  a mansion, yacht, fancy cars and all. Of course this things are good; but just how far can it go? how much of it gives you rest?

 The more you clutter your life - the more it's hard to navigate through.

''Declutter your life, have less- live more!"

Another strategy for expressing gratitude is to make a 'Gratitude Box' were you keep a reminder of the things you are grateful for; ie pictures of loved ones, a dairy of achievements, and journals. This has worked for me.

      Be grateful - find blessings in everything!

What other ways have you shown gratitude?


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  1. The places I saw here are really wonderful, celebrating a special event like this with the beauty of nature is really cool. When you are in these venues in NYC, there's nothing you can do than to be happy. I really liked it here.


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