[ Anna Naklab ] Super-Girl

Today I'm sharing with everyone my song of the week. This goes out to all the 'SUPER-GIRLS' around the world; who wouldn't let themselves be chained by anything.
Anna Naklab is a German song writer.
Enjoy the Lyrics;
                      You can tell by the way 
                She walks that she's my girl 
          You can tell by the way She talks, 
                 she rules the world


The Gratitude Box

 By: Uju Morah

"Dont think you dont, because there's always something to be grateful for."

Make gratitude a vitamin for your soul. You know what vitamin does, it gives you an extra boost.

It's easy to get  so caught up with all the 'what haves' and 'what nots' in  life that you forget to express gratitude to those little things in  your life.

We humans are wired to focus more on the bad side of things happening within us, and less on the good parts.