Powerful Effective Ways To Apologize

"Apologize because you're honestly sorry, not because you just want to"

we all are humans, we all hurt people knowingly or unknowingly every day of our lifes' because we're not perfect.

Being apologetic doesn't signify how wrong we are, but how courageous we are.

Simply taking responsibilty for an action shows how much you value your friendship with the person' above any other thing.

It's very important to learn to apologize, especially when we realise that someone honestly deserves it.

It doesn't matter if you're older than the person, it shows how strong you are to accept responsibilty.

"I' m sorry i said unkind words to you."

When you apoloize to someone it's not just about using words but about meaning your words, and backing them with actions.

you wouldn't want to say 'i m sorry' to someone, and still intentionally repeat the same action you apologized for the next day.
your apology wouldn't mean anything anymore to the person.

Also apologies go with a willingness to accept ones apology, for the receiver.

For people its never easy to come forward, look someone in the eyes, and accept responsibility, it takes a lot of strength, so if you are in the position to accept one, you have to remember it's tough for the person aswell.

There are no major ways to express you apologies, what matters is where it's coming from.

Is it coming from a genuine heart?

When you've realized that you have to apologise to someone, check within you' if you feel remorseful for your actions or the situation.

Decide how you intend to express your feelings. Not everyone likes to be confronted Face-To-Face, or looked straight in the eye when it comes to sensitive issues, Should you wish to rather write it down or make a phone call to the person. But the best approach is to meet this person FaCe-To-Face because it lets' the person see your gestures, to know its from your heart.

Try to avoid any means of justifying your actions when you apologise.

"I'm sorry i didn't fix the car as promised, it's because i felt too tired."

This doesn't feel like an apology to the person. It feels more like an excuse for not doing it.

How about;

"I'm sorry i didn't fix the car as promised, i will do it right-away".

Now, this will feels better to the person because you're 'sorry', and genuinely want to fix the problem.

Also its' good to have in mind that though you have accepted responsibility for a situation it doesn't necessarily mean that the receiver has to feel remorseful too.

Expecting a return apology from the receiver will only go a long way to ruin the apology.

This is because the person may need some time-out to process the information, and determine if they truly want to return your apology.

It's nothing to feel bad about, so long as you have done the right thing , and being strong.

These being said, apologies are a perfect way to nurture your friendships, and keep communications going.



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