Older Men and Nine Lives

Do older men have nine lives?

 Is there a myth to it. I have been pondering on this lately.

 Older men are said to live a longer life if the have  intimate relationships with younger women, funny huh?.
This is becoming quite alarming because of the increasing rate it has become the norm. It is said that 2 in 5 cases are bound to occur at every point.

These men are not to be blamed entirely because it is the younger women who equally make themselves available and vulnerable to them,  so long as these older men are ready to provide for them and foot their bills.

Though it's not all women who found themselves having an affair with older men intended it to happen. Most of the women who have this experience were not aware of the mans' marital status due to the lies fed to her,  or were she was made to believe the man was at the verge of having a divorce,  being seperated , which of course are all lies.
In this case the younger woman believes she will eventually become the mans real lover or wife, not knowing she is at a loss of becoming the Other Woman or The side Chick.

How Does Your Inner Fears And Insecurities Affect You?

      “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Fear has its way of paralyzing you. Most of the things we fear for never gets to happen. It only exist in our head. It's your own inner fears, and insecurities that are creating this illusion.

I was consumed with fear, I couldn't find myself. Being the confident type  it was so unusual of me. I was always active, and at the top of every activity.
I couldn't keep up with all the negative thoughts going through my head.
Applying for a job was what  stirred-up my fear. Having been called for an interview, and I couldn't confront it. All the self help books on preparing for an interview, didn't seem to help.
What if on getting there I was asked a difficult question?, what if I couldn't answer these questions?, what if my answers were not impressive enough?, what if I was rejected at the end?
I constantly had to ask myself.