Don't Lose Yourself; Embrace You

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Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical, person that you are!”

most people see vulnerability as weekness 'but it's a strength in itself.  Daring to let your authentic self be seen. It can be quite tricky letting yourself be  vulnerable  to others because you never know who will walk out of your life the very next minute.

knowing that you can't control how others will react, but one thing is for sure-  the right people will appreciate and accept you for you.
In as much as you don't need false  people in your life, allowing yourself to be seen in its true state lets your real friends be known.

To be vulnerable you have to be okay with all of you because what makes you vulnerable makes you truly beautiful:"

It could be by simply accepting that you get jealous at times". or admitting to someone: " hey, i feel insecure right now". In so doing you are giving them a priceless  gift and creating a deeper connection.

My journey to being vulnerable wasn't an easy process.  I had many experiences that got me to that point were i just had to let myself be, and own my life.

Right from high school i considered myself to be quite  good with Accounting ,up until University. I had quite a number of friends who regularly used a little tutoring from me, and i was always glad to assist whenever i could.

It so happened one day, a junior collegue of mine came as usual to help him solve some Accounting problems. It was a topic i already was familier with but somehow i forgot some key formulas to solving it. Now he already was sure i was going to know how to go about it, but  having looked into it, i realized i wasn't eqquiped to handle that problem at that point but my ego wouldnt let me admit it. I was scared.  I struggled  to solve the little i could, and when i figured i couldn't go any further without solving it wrongly. I gave up ,took a deep breath - looked him straight in the eye and said " hey' i' m lost here, i need help myself". 

At that moment i had opened up myself to him' and letting myself have an opportunity to receive help . A feeling of peace washed over me,  and i realized it's ok not to know everything.

we are actually drown to people who are real and down-to-earth. To know that we are seen in our true self and still loved yet is fulfilling.

I have suggested a few steps to help you through the process of letting yourself be vulnerable to others around you;

Believe you have a true gift to offer;

whenever you let people see you who you are deep within you are saying; hey' this is my gift to you, accept me just as i am',  i have nothing more to hide. you might have some fears about who is going to shut you out' there after but this is when you get to weed out people who are just there for the high light reel, helping you value those who have stuck with you despite what.

Connect with others who value openness; 

If you have been one of those who get ashamed to speak openly what's on their mind 'then getting closer to people who have embressed themselves fully will help you open up, and decide how you can go about it. For me i usually created friendships with people who were much older and experienced in life, who have felt this way at one point in their life, and have overcome that fears' thus living their life fully. Remember you are not alone, and once you decide you want to show your authentic self to people around you 'do not hesitate to express yourself fully always.

Create Positive Self Validation;

One thing i never stop doing was to keep validating myself. Never seek validation from others because you don't need it. True peace comes when you believe in your gut feelings that whatever you do is the best thing for you, no one else can do that. Take responsibility for your decisions.

when you do all of this you might still find some people who are unreceptive to your openness, do not get worried, because they only reflect their own weakness not yours.

by Uju Morah



  1. thanks for opening up about your journey to being able to express your vulnerability with others. it could be tough to start at first but the reward is awsome.

  2. i can totally relate with this post. i once battled with trying to keep an open self with people. when i was 30 i figured it did be better if i put myself first not bothering what the outcome was. now i lead a great life. thnks u.

  3. i think vulnerability has it's negative sides too. one has to be really careful about who theey choose. not everyone is worth it. i can say i m working on staying positive with others. it's been a long ride but hopefully i il do get to that point of mindfulness. your work it beautiful.keep up

  4. A quite instructive piece..! Being one's self always is truly the key to staying happy and fulfilled. It sets u free from the stress of striving to conform with 'imaginary codes of behaviour'.. keep up the good work!


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