Why You Should Avoid Rude, Difficult People

By: Uju Morah

"Be thankful for rude, difficult people. They remind you of what NOT to be"

'I don't like rude people'.

        I know someone out there agrees with me. When you' re rude, and can't justify your actions' obviously it shows how unhappy you're with your life.

 If you're happy with your life as a whole' it should reflect in the way you relate with others.

Atleast if you consider yourself to be normal you' il recognize the difference between 'Being rude and Being assertive'.

you can be assertive without being rude' simply by being straight and firm while driving your points across, not putting others down' so you can feel good about yourself at their expense.

"Manners are the sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners".

'How about the security man who feels the best way to go about doing his duty is to harass you just because you're a few minutes late back home? and the gates are locked, Instead of politely requesting for your Identity Card'.

I've come to realize that the best way to handle a rude, difficult person is to gently walk away with your dignity still intact. 

Because anyone who treats you like shit has nothing good to offer to you, Not even in the future.

And you know what makes it more annoying? 

When the person expects to be treated back with respect and care. 

 I use to tell people' if someone is treating you poorly and maybe doesn't just realize it, try giving them a taste of their own medicine, and see how it works.


Chances are' the person will come running back wanting to know why he's being treated in such a distasteful manner, then you can finally have your chance to call him back to order.

At times this toxicity can come from an unusal place such as a family member. Someone you care about, and desire to have a deep meaningful connection with, but unfortunately there isn't any room to.

"Sometimes family isn't everything, sometimes 'family' are just people who witness your journey on earth".

How do you handle it?

Talk to them about your feelings, how their action towards you makes you feel. And if they truly care about you they would look at the source ,and do something about it.

    But if after letting them know how their actions affect you, and they still choose to put you down, then consciously decide to cut off all contact, until the person is willing to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Doing this not only gives you inner peace, but also will help the person involved to retrace his/her steps back to love.

      So, if you're a rude, difficult person, decide now to practice kindness, it's just about all we need to be happy.

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