How To Deal With Your Anxiety

By: Uju Morah

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring enough worries of its' own" - Matt 6:34

      'Worrying is a waste of perfect happiness'.

What good would it be if you worried your life away for the things that are yet to come, and at the end; non of it happens; 

I can tell you 90% of the things we worry about never does happen, It's just your minds imagination.

Worrying only denies us of experiencing our present moments fully. The times we would have just let go, breath, and let life happen we throw it all away with worries.

If you've done your best about something' why worry? because worrying doesn't stop anything from happening.

Many of us suffer from anxiety, and it's a part of our normal human emotions. 

It's normal to get anxious when you're about to take a huge risk, or about to make a public speech. You sweat a little, your mouth gets cold and dry, and you become nervous, these are normal experiences.

But it becomes a problem when  your anxiety starts to cripple your life, preventing you from doing the things you want to do.

Being excessively anxious on its own is medically regarded as a mental illness, and as such' requires treatment.

It's important to remember that dealing with anxiety is hard enough, and mild cases can be handled fairly on your own.
Below I have made some handy tips that can help you  deal with your anxiety ;

Be patient: 

It's tough if you've lived with anxiety all your life to suddenly stop, and channel your energy to something good. It will take some time no doubt, but it's worth the effort. Start identifying your thoughts, are they real or imagined? It could be strange thoughts such as imagining a plane suddenly missing its route and crashing upto your roof while you're asleep. Watch this thoughts go though your head calmly, without any need to act on them. Write them down, this will enable you decide what is real and not.

Distract Yourself Positively: 

Whenever your mind starts roaming to the unknown' practice distracting yourself positively. Go over and do the little things around you; empty the trash can, do some laundry. Basically, just go through your To-Do-List, find the things you haven't done yet and do them. Or if you're lazy, just sit and drink some coffee.. lol.

      Lastly, let God take your worries.

*If after trying the tips above, and your anxiety still persists, please seek medical help.



  1. Anxiety is not so common in this part of the world. People need to gain more awareness on it

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