You're NOT Broken Within

" dont stress the could haves, if it should have , it would have"

       I know how it feels when you thought you had the best relationship on the entire planet ,with so much peace and happiness only for things to fall apart right before your very eyes, and you can't do anything about it.

Most adults have had their hearts broken atleast twice in their life.

Typically most relationships always  seem so perfect at the start,  that's the stage where it's so hard to see things for what it is. You tend to give labels to your significant other  such as he/she's extremely funny, loving, so fun to be with, even if he's doing something so unacceptable.

Those same fancy things you saw at the begining is what will drive you insane half way through.

But are these feelings fleeting?


Does Your Intuition Serve a Purpose?

"Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn't yet figured out"

"intuitions are like life guards, either you let it lead you or you don't" 

Most of us have this innate ability to tell the outcome of things. I was like every other person out there who found it hard to trust their intuition, in that i was in constant doubt on what i was feeling ,and acting on them. With time and practice i learned to to trust myself more.  

I ve' equally had times when acting on my gut feeling lead to tons of  amazing outcomes i never expected.

You have to realize your patterns .

 The difference with someone who works with his/her gut feeling is the art of mastery.


Don't Lose Yourself; Embrace You

Photo credit: www.myrenewedmind.org

Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical, person that you are!”

most people see vulnerability as weekness 'but it's a strength in itself.  Daring to let your authentic self be seen. It can be quite tricky letting yourself be  vulnerable  to others because you never know who will walk out of your life the very next minute.

knowing that you can't control how others will react, but one thing is for sure-  the right people will appreciate and accept you for you.
In as much as you don't need false  people in your life, allowing yourself to be seen in its true state lets your real friends be known.

To be vulnerable you have to be okay with all of you because what makes you vulnerable makes you truly beautiful:"

It could be by simply accepting that you get jealous at times". or admitting to someone: " hey, i feel insecure right now". In so doing you are giving them a priceless  gift and creating a deeper connection.