Does Your Intuition Serve a Purpose?

"Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn't yet figured out"

"intuitions are like life guards, either you let it lead you or you don't" 

Most of us have this innate ability to tell the outcome of things. I was like every other person out there who found it hard to trust their intuition, in that i was in constant doubt on what i was feeling ,and acting on them. With time and practice i learned to to trust myself more.  

I ve' equally had times when acting on my gut feeling lead to tons of  amazing outcomes i never expected.

You have to realize your patterns .

 The difference with someone who works with his/her gut feeling is the art of mastery.

Your intuition doesn't have to be some big revelation, but it can serve as a compass  to you. 

It comes in different forms , it could be those little voices in your head urging you to quit or go ahead with a plan. 

'Maybe i should take some extra -cash along my journey' , or maybe i should use this route to work today', or just maybe i should check if my keys are in my pocket before leaving the house'.

can you relate with that?

Eventually, you might discover your intuition is whispering something true.

You got to travel, and along the journey you found you needed to make extra expenses outside your planned budget.

Your collegues arrived late to work today because the was this horrible traffic on the same route you avoided.

Seconds before shutting the door to your house, you check your pocket again 'only to realize it's not even there.

That's how our initiations work.

For you to be at that point where you can give maximum trust to your gut feelings; start to practice listening to little voices in your head daily. 

Analyse it and see where its coming from.

In the process, you will be able to identify when it's just fear you're experiencing or your genuine intuitions trying to guide you. 

yes, i see people acting based on fear, and misinterpreting it all' as their gut feeling; 

Take for instance; You're about going in for an interview in 15mins, you get really nervous and fearful ,all you can think about is you running back home to your bed, suddenly you quit' even before you have a chance to defend yourself.

Now that is fear, not intuition.

When you master the act of positively working with you gut-feeling you will gain immensely, and your life will take a whole new dimension.

Written by Uju Morah

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  1. I came across your site on google+ and my experience has been great. I have been able to select and find some preety good posts you v made. Keep it going

  2. I resonate with what you said about our intuition. I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who help me discover fine foe me.


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