Powerful Effective Ways To Apologize

"Apologize because you're honestly sorry, not because you just want to"

we all are humans, we all hurt people knowingly or unknowingly every day of our lifes' because we're not perfect.

Being apologetic doesn't signify how wrong we are, but how courageous we are.

Simply taking responsibilty for an action shows how much you value your friendship with the person' above any other thing.

It's very important to learn to apologize, especially when we realise that someone honestly deserves it.

It doesn't matter if you're older than the person, it shows how strong you are to accept responsibilty.

"I' m sorry i said unkind words to you."


How To Deal With Your Anxiety

By: Uju Morah

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring enough worries of its' own" - Matt 6:34

      'Worrying is a waste of perfect happiness'.

What good would it be if you worried your life away for the things that are yet to come, and at the end; non of it happens; 

I can tell you 90% of the things we worry about never does happen, It's just your minds imagination.

Worrying only denies us of experiencing our present moments fully. The times we would have just let go, breath, and let life happen we throw it all away with worries.

If you've done your best about something' why worry? because worrying doesn't stop anything from happening.

Many of us suffer from anxiety, and it's a part of our normal human emotions. 


VIDEO: Sugar How You Get So Fly?

By: Robin schulz

Robin Schulz is one of my favourite artists. I came across this particular video when i was having a bad day, and it really got me a smiley face.

Here's the Lyrics; 

(feat. Francesco Yates)
[Francesco Yates:]

Oh baby!
She's got cherry lips
Angel eyes
She knows exactly how to tantalize
She's out to get you danger by design
Cold blooded vixen she don't compromise
She's something mystical in colored lights
So far from typical but take my advice


Why You Should Avoid Rude, Difficult People

By: Uju Morah

"Be thankful for rude, difficult people. They remind you of what NOT to be"

'I don't like rude people'.

        I know someone out there agrees with me. When you' re rude, and can't justify your actions' obviously it shows how unhappy you're with your life.

 If you're happy with your life as a whole' it should reflect in the way you relate with others.

Atleast if you consider yourself to be normal you' il recognize the difference between 'Being rude and Being assertive'.