Older Men and Nine Lives

Do older men have nine lives?

 Is there a myth to it. I have been pondering on this lately.

 Older men are said to live a longer life if the have  intimate relationships with younger women, funny huh?.
This is becoming quite alarming because of the increasing rate it has become the norm. It is said that 2 in 5 cases are bound to occur at every point.

These men are not to be blamed entirely because it is the younger women who equally make themselves available and vulnerable to them,  so long as these older men are ready to provide for them and foot their bills.

Though it's not all women who found themselves having an affair with older men intended it to happen. Most of the women who have this experience were not aware of the mans' marital status due to the lies fed to her,  or were she was made to believe the man was at the verge of having a divorce,  being seperated , which of course are all lies.
In this case the younger woman believes she will eventually become the mans real lover or wife, not knowing she is at a loss of becoming the Other Woman or The side Chick.

To be a responsible older man you need to practice self control.

Be an example to the younger generation. Most of these older men have a wife and kids. Don't think that what you do now won't affect your kids later in life.

Who said you can’t achieve a healthier life doing the right thing.
 A healthy life can be achieved through having a good dieting plan , having a regular exercising routine, and of course by meditation. Practicing this healthy lifestyle can  greatly improve your lifespan, and thereby giving you the life you desire.

To the young ladies , respect your body, have some dignity.Who said you can't survive without a suger daddy or what have you. I know it's hard out there, and the hustle is real. There is nothing you set yourself out there to do that you cannot achieve. Find yourself a decent job, it doesn’t matter how small it is, trust me it pay at the end. Don't be a piece of meat to these older men who only need your body out of greed, and to fulfil their vain desires.

This is a common mistake made by so many people, It's never too late to quit. Remember that someday,  soon enough you would get past that stage of your life, and you would become a wife, you wouldn't want to have your hubby hitting on the chicks out there.
Retrace your ways, before Karma reconsiders you.

By: Uju Morah

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  1. This post really cracked me up. I too wonder the same thing. Because this has now become a normal thing in our society this days

  2. I appreciate this article because I can totally see your view points made clearly. This is true

  3. There is no proven biological concept to support the assertion. It's just that of psychological disposition which predisposes the man to engaging in more youthful activities as may be initiated by d girl. Most times it's not even a case of d relationship making d man look younger, but d man who is young at ♥ heart seeking a girl who would fill his (probably deferred) youthful fantasies. The debate may be viewed in d light of d proverbial hen and egg.
    Critically, I think u deviated from d subject by dwelling on married men and their mistresses. But generally, I like to encourage people putting their energy in creativity. Kudos on this effort.


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