Mama Knows Best: Your Favorite Dating Rules From Mom

"Don't go back to a man that you broke up with
because there's a reason you left him on the first
place." -- LaQuinta P.

Demand To Be Treated Like A Lady

"Never ever answer to the sound of a car horn.
Make the man greet you at the door." -- Sagirah V.

Make Him Sweat

"If he won't sweat for you, then don't let him sweat
on you!" -- Tammy M.

You Can't Get Something For Nothing

"My mother taught me that When a man does
something for you they want something in return."
-- Latika S.

Be Picky

"Every date is not a mate!" -- Tanya M.

Be Ready to Pay

"Always carry money in your purse." -- Francois J.

Say 'No' To Married Men

"Never date a married man. When you marry you don't want anyone interfering with your union!" --
Keisha R.

Think and Act Like A Lady

"Always act like a lady, and always have your own money...........just in case!" -- Pearlina W.

Tell A Friend

"Always let someone know where you are or who
you're with!" -- Pamela B.

Love You More

"Always love yourself first and then you can learn to love others." -- Arlene B.

Listen Closely

"Listen to what he's not saying!" -- Marla W.

Play Hard to Get

"Don't call a man. Let him come to you. When a
man wants something, there's nothing in the world that will stop him from getting it." -- Shauntia C.

Stay In School

"Get an education so you don't have to take no
stuff off of no man." -- Ebonei W.

Watch and Listen

"I love my mother's frank and candid advice. She taught me never to make excuses for poor
behavior. Her exact advice is: 'People do exactly what they want to so watch what they do and not what they say.' This advice has helped me to set healthy boundaries." -- Portia G.

Wow, what Advice did u get from your mother?



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